What Are Gas Fees?

Gas fees, or transaction fees, are the fees required to perform actions on the blockchain, such as minting an NFT or making a cryptocurrency transaction.
Gas fees are necessary to compensate the network of computers, called "miners," who validate and process transactions on the blockchain. These miners use their computational power to solve complex mathematical problems in order to add new blocks to the blockchain and validate transactions. The gas fees are used to pay for the computational resources required to complete these tasks.
Gas fees can fluctuate depending on the network traffic and the number of transactions being processed. When network traffic is high, the gas fees can be higher because there are more transactions competing for the same computational resources.
Gas fees don’t change the price of the NFT you’re buying, but they do change the overall price of the transaction, so buying an NFT during a busy time when other people are also using the network can result in an overall higher cost.
Sticky does not charge any gas fees for using the Sticky Ledger.