How Do I Sell An NFT?

Selling an NFT using Sticky is simple and user-friendly. Anyone who owns an NFT can list it for sale, whether that’s the creator of the NFT or the person who most recently collected it.
Not only that, if you have a Crypto Wallet, and you connect it to Sticky, we will import your Ethereum and Polygon NFTs and you will be able to sell them for Sticky Coins, to a much larger audience than just the Crypto community.
To sell an NFT, all you need to do is
-> navigate to your profile page, and click on the "collected" tab.
-> From here, select the NFT you want to sell and click on "Sell Now"
-> Set your price in Sticky Coins and click on "Set Order"
If your NFT is listed on the Sticky Ledger, that´s it! You´ve listed your NFT for sale.
If your NFT is on an external ledger like Ethereum or Polygon, you will need to approve the Sale Order in your Crypto Wallet. Just follow the instructions.
Once your NFT is for sale, we recommend you promote it. The more you attract buyers to your listing, the more chance you have of selling it. Share a link and image on your Social Media or on our Discord Channel.