How Can I Earn $ On Sticky?

Get creative! Mint (publish) your NFT collection - but make sure it is original and you are the creator (no one likes a forgery!).
Once you have published your collection - share the link, promote yourself, generate buzz, advertise! It won't just sell itself!
The more you promote your collections and your NFTs the more chance you have of selling them. Successful sellers are also marketers and self promoters.
So, post your collection link and an image on your Social Media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook usually work well) and promote it in our Discord! Be active! No commission is charged on Sticky Coin transactions. So if a creator sells NFTs for 10 Sticky Coins, they can buy 10 worth of other NFTs - they keep 100%.
Creators can request a cash payment, and can earn 50% of the net initial sales of the NFTs they publish on Sticky.
  • “Net” means sales are net of Apple/Google commissions on in-app purchases (usually 30%), taxes, refunds and frauds.
  • “Initial” means the sales from the original creator to collectors (i.e. excluding secondary market sales).
  • Sticky Coins are used to measure net initial sales, but not all Sticky Coins count towards them (e.g. Sticky Coins obtained in challenges do not count towards sales).
To ensure the safety of the ecosystem, conditions apply: for example, to be eligible, creators must have completed their profile, meet certain minimum thresholds of NFT sales and number of different buyers acquiring their NFTs, and must demonstrate the authenticity of their artwork if required. For more details, see the Terms of Use.